Creative Ad Final

For my Creative Ad I decided to work utilize the Project Generator provided by the University to help find my audience. I came across the option for Wireless Routers and the target audience was married couples ages 45-50. I wanted to change my age group to target younger married couples in the 20-30 age group.

My project is to raise awareness of the importance of having a clear connection, not just an internet connection, but also the importance of having a clear connection or clear communication with your spouse. Without this vital part in a relationship, it is going to be much harder to get along together and have a happy marriage; just as if there isn’t a good connection between your wireless router and your devices, you won’t have a happy time with your internet.

Typically wireless routers cost approximately $20-$30 for the equipment, then the month-month cost of internet will vary based on your carrier, ie: Cox Net, CenturyLink, SuddenLink,  Quest, etc. The price of a clear connection in marriage however, should be priceless. I decided to go with CenturyLink for this particular project because I personally like CenturyLink’s service.


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