Reverse Engineer Post

Cars Poster Original

Original Image: Cars 3 Official Movie Poster from IMDB

Cars Poster -Alignment

The alignment and size of this caption emphasizes the drama in this image. It depicts to the viewers that something vital is going to happen and is also foreshadowing a negative outcome in some way. Luckily for us, we know that Disney movies typically have a happy ending, but leave it to this Empire to pull at our heart strings until the last possible moment!

Cars Poster - Contrast

The contrast in coloring this view shows isn’t just the shadow from the car being upside-down but more importantly the dark depressing after-effect of this crash: will it be fatal, will he ever race again? Who knows…probably, it is Disney after-all. The coloring of the letters on the tires also gives us the idea of just how fast he was going; it looks like they’re still spinning while he’s mid-air.


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